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As a DSG specialist since 2005 we get a lot of questions about our services. To help everyone answer their question we keep optimizing our online support. If you can't find your answer online then you can contact us directly trough phone or mail.

What is a DSG flasher?

Have you always wanted TVS DSG software or TVS Engine software, but is there no dealer in your area? With the TVS DSG Flasher you're able to reprogram the DSG gearbox and/or engine yourself, the only thing you need is a laptop!

Where can I find information about repairs?

More information about repairs can be found on our gearbox repair section

Where can I find information about tuning my car?

More information about tuning cars can be found on throughout our service section

Why should I signup for a dealer account?

Certified dealers get access to our exclusive webshop section. This section contains better pricing and products designed and engineered by TVS.

How do I become a partner?

Do you want exclusive selling rights for TVS products and get listed on our website? Certified dealers are able to request a partnership.

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